New Membership Application for the VCGNY


Membership Type:        Individual ($20):         ______      Family ($30):         ______
If membership application is submitted between July 1st and December 31st, the membership
fee will be 1/2 of the annual fee. Club membership runs from January to December.
Renewals are due by January 31, ______.

Please return this page, along with your check (payable to VCGNY) and mail to:
Marie Warniaha, VCGNY Membership, PO Box 137, Tuxedo NY 10987

Name (s): _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________   State: _______        Zip: ____________

Email: _____________________________________  Kennel Name: ____________________

Home phone: ____________________________  Cell Phone: _________________________

Membership in other dog clubs: _________________________________________________

Vizslas (plus age) now owned:        ______________________________________________

I am interested in:
Show ____ Field Trials ____ Hunt Tests ____ Agility ____ Obedience ____ Scent Work ____

Tracking ____ Barn Hunt ____ Fast CAT ____ Dock Diving ____ Therapy Dog ____
I hereby apply for membership in the Vizsla Club of Greater New York, Inc. and agree to abide by
the Club’s By-Laws and Constitution and the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the AKC.

Applicant(s) signature(s):        ___________________________________

Sponsor Member’s Signature:         ___________________________________

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We look forward to seeing you at all events throughout 2020!